Styles and Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Styles and Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Ringing in the new year may have you thinking about a fresh look but it’s really all about revisiting familiar trends with a modern upgrade. Here are some of the predictions experts have made for 2023.

Curves and Rounded Edges

There may be multiple opinions on up-and-coming trends in 2023, but there is one thing everyone is talking about: curves, curves, curves. Rounded shapes have been gaining influence for a while and now there’s no better time to put them into action. Curved sofas, circular side tables, and rotund barrel chairs are a great place to start – our Midway Handmade Aluminum Side Table and the Sydmor Boucle Swivel Club Chair are pretty great choices. Adorn your walls with the Bobby Wall Mounted Circular Floating Shelf for a perfect mix of clean lines and graceful curves, creating a dynamic composition for your home.


Textured Fabrics

Complement graceful curves with some deep channel tufting, breaking up the monotony of plain upholstery and bringing your space a bit of texture. Tufted furniture was initially designed to keep supportive filling in place, coincidentally creating its beloved plush look. As time progressed, tufting became a sign of sophistication and wealth. Its refined appearance still holds true, but at an affordable price. Place the Jill Channel Stitch Ottoman Bench under a window or in your foyer for a bit of modern enrichment.

Speaking of textures, boucle fabric continues to make a statement in the furniture scene. Its highly textured look is gaining large popularity and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Featuring an iconic nubby look, boucle upholstery embraces soft and cozy textures that add a layer of snug visuals and incredible comfort to your home. Check out our Sandee Contemporary Upholstered Loveseat to get this cushy look!


Art Deco and Unconventional Accessories

The roaring ‘20s introduced Art Deco, a distinctive look that quickly spread across the globe and 2023 is bringing it back. When this style comes to mind, one tends to think of the way the 1920s emphasized a glamorous, high-end manner of living. Sleek velvets, jewel-toned colors, geometric patterns, mirrored accessories, and dazzling gold accents are iconic of this style. For a taste of this luxurious aesthetic, bring home our Ohnstad Velvet Channel Stitch 3-Seater Shell Sofa!

While interior design is easing up on stark minimalism and playing into more striking appearances, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. It can get overwhelming if every piece screams Art Deco, so you’ll want to add a few focal points to start with. Try easing into this look with some eclectic accessories before overhauling your entire home. The Martha Sunburst Accent Table, the Ladd Handmade Aluminum Side Table, and the Aaleyah Aluminum Coffee Table are great ways to balance your décor with bold architecture and exceptional elegance.



Just like Art Deco, Noir is making a comeback with its chic black hues and exciting accessories. With furniture trends bringing more opportunities to infuse personality into your décor, this sleek styling can either make a dramatic statement or bring a cool, understated look to your interior space. This monochromatic color palette is a perfect canvas for bold layering and striking accents, giving you more room to maximize your home. To get this aesthetic, try transforming your dining area with our Lintz French Country 5-Piece Expandable Dining Set and highlight the tablespace with the Elko Handmade Aluminum Decorative Bottle Vase. You can even add the Tamara Meigs Handmade Iron Planter to a lackluster corner for a little extra oomph.


Natural Inspiration and Handmade Items

With earthy tones continuing to establish themselves as one of the staple colors of 2023 (See 5 Essential Color Trends for 2023), it’s no wonder that nature-inspired aesthetics are broadening their horizons as well. Previous years had emphasized biophilic design, but this year we’ll see a more refined focus on bringing your interior space harmony and stability by using gracefully curved frames made from solid wood. If you’re eyeing this style for your own home, check out our Quince Faux Leather and Elm Wood Wishbone Chair!

But that doesn’t mean that organic elements are out of the question. Homey wicker, rough wood, and a fresh green look are all here to stay. Naturally, these materials can come hand-in-hand with a handmade aspect. Interior designers are praising this aesthetic for its raw yet sophisticated appearance that can only come from artisan expertise. Add the Cerny Handmade Wood and Cane Nightstand Cabinet to your bedside or place one of our artificial plants in our Dimmock Handmade Notched Aluminum Planter to fill the blank spaces of your rooms with a one-of-kind look.


Vintage Flair

Evoke a feeling of nostalgia by bringing a cozy, old-world charm into your home. 2022 saw an expected rise in the Coastal Grandma aesthetic and 2023 continues to reimagine this traditional look. This style takes classic Queen Anne elements and weathered wood finishes and brings a contemporary twist to the design. Utilizing warm beige colors, flowing shapes, and rural patterns, this modern farmhouse style is a perfect way for you to achieve an elegant yet rustic atmosphere for your living space. Enliven your dining area with our Phinnaeus French Country Fabric Dining Chairs for a bold take on this style or soften your living room with the cozy Wistar French Country Wood and Cane Loveseat. Either way, you’ll be left with that warm, sentimental feeling that everyone loves.

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