5 Essential Color Trends for 2023

5 Essential Color Trends for 2023

The year 2023 brings in recent trending colors and modernizes them to give you something new. Here are some color schemes that are expected to take off in the upcoming year.

Earthy Tones

Browns and greens have been a staple in the past few years, especially with 2022’s color being sage green. While green is still very much an in-style palette, the direction is moving towards darker, richer colors and warmer hues. From dense forest foliage (See Spanish Moss by Krylon) to soft clay origins (See Redend Point by Sherwin Williams), this year’s trend draws inspiration from the recesses of the earth to bring timeless, natural tones to your space. Muted terracotta, purple, and amber are also up-and-coming colors that add a bit more spice to your home. These shades align with mid-century design and boho aesthetics, contrasting the deep wood frames that typically come with these styles. Check out our Leyland Velvet Accent Chair for a perfect blend of retro charm and striking evergreen hues.


Bold and Dark Colors


Enrich your interior space with bold hues that evoke a sense of satisfaction. Last year, we saw many designers testing the waters with darker colors and many people have settled into this trend. In 2023, we will likely see the fruits of this venture, bringing about rich shades like walnut brown, charcoal, brick red, ochre, and deep blue-green (See Vining Ivy by Glidden). Our Worden Velvet Channel Stitch 3-Seater Sofa and Sandee Upholstered Loveseat are great choices that fall within this category. These versatile colors subtly impress an aura of elegance upon the rooms of your home, offering a calm, mysterious vibe that perfectly balances out your décor. Offset these darker tones with accents of vibrant colors to avoid creating an overwhelming look. Try the Pitzen Aluminum Honeycomb Coffee Table for an eye-catching contrast!


Pink and Rose

2023 has forecasted an uptick in pink, especially with Pantone naming Viva Magenta as color of the year! Ranging anywhere from lush mauve to dusty pink to vibrant orange-red, these moody hues can easily change the atmosphere of your home. Just as last year’s muted green tones drew influences from earthy elements, this year’s pick continues the nature-inspired trend. For instance, Terra Rosa by Dunn Edwards captures this look with its deep terracotta foundation and warm rosy tinge, as seen with the Talia Tufted Velvet Upholstered Bench. This color scheme doesn’t limit you to merely brown-based tones but includes dynamic ones like Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore. Exploring further into the coral side of the spectrum, our Calef Velveteen 2 Seater Oversized Bean Bag Chair takes the warm sunset glow of Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Gardens so you can incorporate it into your home. Embracing your sentimental side and encouraging serene spaces, pink is the perfect palette to create a neutral and delicate aesthetic.



Pastels are about to make their way into your home with a flourish. Mint green, light purples, and soft blues and pinks are sure to be all the rage when it comes to accessorizing your home in 2023. If you’re going for a look that’s not so in-your-face, the Alexis Mid-Century Modern 7-Piece Dining Set offers a perfect balance of sophisticated design and a hint of soft colors. But if you’re ready to transform the blank corners of your rooms with a delicate touch, take a look at our Bern 6.5 Foot Microfiber Pastel Bean Bag Collection for a bit of inspiration!


Warm Neutrals

In previous years, neutrals have been a large part of home furnishing. This upcoming year will continue the trend but will be moving away from stark whites and sharp grays and into softer, warmer beiges and creams. Colors like Blank Canvas by Behr make it easy for you to personalize your home as you please. Neutral tones are not only a classic, but also match effortlessly with most color palettes—including the ones listed on this blog—making it a solid foundation for any room. Balance beiges with earth tones for a fresh, cozy look or match it to colorful pastels for an airy, lighthearted atmosphere. Our Gerald Boucle Club Chair and Ottoman Set is a great place to start building your ideal seating arrangement.

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