Home Office Design Guide

Home Office Design Guide

If your home office needs some refreshing, or you’re looking to turn a room or space in your home into the ultimate productivity zone, look no further. This past year we learned the value that a good home office offers. A lot of us were unprepared when it came to working from home, and the work hasn’t stopped, leaving you with a makeshift office or simply just not the space that motivates you. In this blog, we will be listing the home office basics that will make refreshing or building your area a breeze.


1. Desks

Let’s start with the basics. Of course, if you’re looking to design or refresh a workspace, the number one thing on your priority list is a suitable desk. At GDFStudio, we offer various work desks that are guaranteed to fit your style and needs. And if you’re struggling to find what exactly fits your needs, no need to worry! Feel free to refer back to our previous blog - How To Chose The Right Desk. Your desk will serve as the foundation and center for your space. So choosing the right one is critical for picking complementary pieces that will tie your office together.  In line with your needs, you should also take into consideration what style fits you best. Mid-Century, glam, or even contemporary, choosing your style is just as important. 



2. Office Chairs

The second most important item on your list should be, of course, your office chair. Here we don’t believe in sacrificing style for comfort. We have a large variety of office chairs that will give your office both comfort and style. Choosing your chair’s right style and color is crucial to defining your office’s color palette. The perfect chair should offer outstanding functionality to make your business smoother and more manageable. Here at GDFStudio, we have office chairs that will fit just about any style. From Mid-Century Modern to Contemporary and even Traditional, if you have a kind in mind, we more than likely have the perfect one for you. If you’re going to be sitting at your office chair for hours, it’s crucial that you choose a comfortable chair and what’s better than having all the comfort without sacrificing style. 



3. Bookcases 

No home office can be completed without the addition of a bookcase. Big or small, tall or wide, a bookcase is the easiest way to add a touch of style and organization to your room. Admit it; without the extra shelf space, many of our books and knickknacks end up scattered throughout the room. A bookcase will allow you to proudly showcase your collection of books in an organized and stylish way. Bookcases, of course, are not only exclusive to books regardless of their name. They are also great for displaying picture frames, decorations, and memorabilia. Bookcases are also a great way to define the overall style of your home office. Bring a modern feel to your office with clean-cut shelves and a classy and functional structure. Or, if you’re feeling industrial, a bookcase with a combination of iron and smooth wood shelves is the way to go regardless; a bookcase is an essential piece of furniture for a home office refresh.



4. Rugs

Of course, rugs are next on our list. Definitely optional but an excellent piece for any space. A lovely area rug will easily add an extra layer of style and color to your interior space for an aesthetic upgrade. Our rugs are designed to be highly resistant to stains. They are created with water-resistant material, making this incredibly durable and easy to maintain so that you can make the most out of your interior decor with simple addition. Another great benefit of rugs is their noise-reducing properties. Now that our lives revolve around online meetings, now more than ever, we understand the value of a quiet room. Rugs are incredible at absorbing sound in a way that a regular floor cant. There are numerous benefits for rugs, and they are a must for a practical and efficient home office design.



5. Accessories 

Accessories are a must for refreshing any space, and a home office is no different. Whether it’s a mirror that will open up your room, a faux plant to add some botanical touches, or a few throw pillows here and there, no room is ever complete without these little details. The great thing about accessories is that it allows you to constantly refresh your space without investing in some new big pieces like a desk or a chair. A simple change of wall art, new colored pillows, and a throw blanket during colder seasons can change a room dramatically when done right. These accessories don’t have to be exclusive for your home office either. Rotate your accessories from room to room for an endless variety of decor. 





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