How To Choose The Right Desk

How To Choose The Right Desk

Let’s face it, 2020 threw all of us for a loop, and when it came time to work from home, most of us weren’t ready. Whether it was a bad internet connection, construction next door, or even something as simple as not having a desk, we weren’t prepared. Because of this, a lot of us resulted in setting up our workspaces in some very interesting places. I think we can all agree that the right desk can either make or break your workday, so It’s essential to consider some key things when it comes down to choosing the perfect desk to fit your needs. 


We’ve broken down desks into four simple categories:  

  • The Simple & Straightforward 
  • The Storage Desk 
  • The Storage but Straightforward 
  • The L shape 


  1. The Simple & Straightforward

These types of desks are exactly what it sounds like, simple and straightforward. They are perfect for those who just want a clean workspace that doesn’t require much.  These desks are great for those who don’t want to add a loud piece of furniture into their space. If all you need is somewhere to set your laptop or computer and separate your work life from your dining table or your couch, definitely consider the simple and straightforward. 



  1. The Storage Desk 

If you’re the type of person who needs to have many things on hand for your job or just like having a fair amount of storage space in your work area, the storage desk is for you. As opposed to the simple & straightforward, storage desks will come equipped with shelving or cabinet space, so all your work tools can stay at reach. The easiest way to lose productivity is by having a messy workspace. If you know you’re the type to need extra space and keep organized, storage is the way to go. 



  1. The Storage but Straightforward 

You need a bit of storage but mainly just want a suitable desk, it’s as easy as the storage but straightforward. Perfect for those who like the clean look of a traditional desk with all the benefits of having storage. These desks will have just enough space to allow you to organize your possessions neatly and discreetly. They perfectly combine functionality with a sleek contemporary design. You can store all your papers, pens, and office materials in the desk to keep your desktop clean, clear, and clutter-free.



  1. The “L” Shape

Space, space, and more space, the “L” is the way to go. These desks provide a considerable amount of workspace, but they can open up a room as well. Because of their unique L-shape, they’re perfect for setting-up against the corner of your space. You’re able to have more workspace and also take up less space in your office. Here’s a tip! If you can’t find an L-shape desk that fits your style, consider placing two “The Simple and Straightforward” together— allowing you to get all the benefits of the L-shape without compromising your style.





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