Valentine’s Day Décor/Gift Guide 2021

Valentine’s Day Décor/Gift Guide 2021

If you’re struggling to find what to gift your significant other, your friends, or family this Valentine’s day, GDFStudio is here to help! Here are 7 ideas that will make this Valentine’s day a success.

  1. Bean Bags

Hands down one of the most fun pieces of furniture known to man: Bean bags! Comfy bean bag chairs are no longer college dorm room exclusive. Modern bean bag chairs are aesthetically pleasing and a great way to take relaxation to the next level. A gift like this will be sure to brighten up your loved one’s day!


  1. Poufs

A pouf is a perfect accessory for any home. Poufs are ideal for those who enjoy simple, uncluttered spaces but still want to add refreshing colors and textured designs into their room. They can be very versatile, so whether you’re looking to put your feet up after a long day or if you need extra plush, poufs are sure to be a gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Throw Blankets

It’s no secret that the coziest spot in the room is bound to have a throw blanket, so why not add more? Throw blankets are the perfect gift for anyone who loves all things soft, warm, and even fuzzy. The great thing about throw blankets is that they can add texture and an added pop of color to any furniture piece. When in doubt, blanket out!




  1. Lantern Set 

Candles are a MUST when it comes to valentines’ day, but let’s admit, they look great year-round! This year elevate your candle game by adding lantern sets around your home. Lantern sets are great for adding a comforting and inviting touch to your interior space. Best of all, here at GDF Studio, our lantern sets are topped with handles, making it easier to decorate your room by hanging them for added warmth and valentine’s day spirit. 


  1. Bar Cart

Nothing says I love you like spirits on wheels. Last year was stressful, so why not let your special someone know you care about them by gifting them a bar cart. Bar carts are super versatile, and they can add additional space in your kitchen or dining room or even as a display shelf. Most of all, who wouldn’t love a party that can move from room to room?


  1. Love Seat

What’s better than just a regular seat? A love seat. Love seats have all the benefits of a sofa with the added versatility of its compact size. They’re a great option to place in that awkward corner of your room, an extra comfort spot in your home office, or an added touch of luxury at the end of your bed. Love seats are a fun and comfortable addition to nearly any room in your home.  



  1. The Cutest Ottoman Ever

 We all know about Valentine’s day classic stuffed animals but get ready for the stuffed ottoman. That’s right, get all the cuteness of a stuffed animal with all the functionalities of an ottoman. At GDF Studio, we have a large variety of unique and cute stuffed animal ottomans. Whether you think your loved one would prefer a turtle or an elephant, we’ve got you covered!




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