The Benefits of Having Mirrors in Your Home

The Benefits of Having Mirrors in Your Home

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture or decoration in any home is a mirror. When we think of mirrors, we often think of a bathroom mirror, a mirror for the bedroom, and a decorative mirror here and there. However, there are several benefits to having a mirror in your home other than those previously mentioned. In this blog, we will detail five different benefits mirrors around the house can provide.


1. Create the illusion of a bigger space 

It’s no secret that mirrors are used for many illusions in theme park rides, blockbuster movies, and even magic shows. But there is one illusion that we can benefit from in our homes, creating the illusion of more space. It’s not the most incredible feeling in the world to feel encapsulated by a space, and the answer to that problem is straightforward. By strategically placing a decorative mirror in any room or area, it will instantly open up space and create the illusion of a much bigger size than it is. 



2. Increased light 

Aside from opening up a space, mirrors are also great for adding extra light to your room without the need for additional lamps or light fixtures. For the best results, it is best to place them strategically around your space. For example, place your mirror across from a window or arrange it to reflect any artificial lighting. They essentially double your light source. And lighting doesn’t have to be limited to indoor spaces. You can also play around with placing mirrors around your outdoor space or garden to create the illusion of more greenery around that area. Best of all, using mirrors as additional light sources will save you a bit on electrical costs! 



3. Add a focal point

Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and for that reason, they make simple and very beneficial focal points. Mirrors are great focal points to add by the top of a fireplace, an entryway, a standing mirror in a bedroom, and so much more. The possibilities are endless, and with our large variety of mirrors, we’re sure to have the perfect one for any space. Are you looking for a boho touch? Then a wood-rimmed mirror is a way to go. With their illuminating features, mirrors will not only brighten your room but will also emphasize your existing furniture in all the best ways.



 4. Hide Damages 

Accidents happen. After all, we’re all just humans. Whether it’s a scuff on the wall, some uneven texture, water damage, or even a crack, it can often be very distracting in a space. However, since we’re all human, we tend to be very busy, and tiny distracting damages usually take a back seat in our list of priorities when a temporary solution can be pretty straightforward. Covering damage on the wall with a stylish mirror is a win-win situation. One, you’re removing an ugly distraction that can take away from your space, and two, you’re adding a decorative piece that can add charm and style to your room. At GDFStudio, we carry a large variety of mirrors that are fit for every style. So the next time you see damage on the wall, just think about it as a happy accident!



5. Increased Security 

Last but not least, mirrors are an easy yet highly effective way of adding a touch of security to your home. Mirrors as a security feature are often used in shopping malls, stores, restaurants, and much more. Just like mirrors help security guards keep an eye out for suspicious activity, the same can be done in your home by placing mirrors throughout your space. If strategically placed, mirrors will give you a better view of areas like doorways and around walls. Of course, we hope you never find yourself in a situation where you will need it, but a little extra security never hurts.



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