Refresh Pieces Worth Investing: More Bang for Your Buck!

Refresh Pieces Worth Investing: More Bang for Your Buck!

With stimulus checks starting to roll out and tax returns just around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in some furniture pieces that will take your space to the next level. We know redoing a room or multiple rooms can get expensive. At GDFStudio, we offer excellent quality pieces at even better prices. We also know a thing or two about redecorating that can make the experience feel like a breeze. We’ve put together a guide of essential pieces that will bring new life to your space and give you more of a bang for your buck! This blog will concentrate on three rooms: The Living Room, Bedroom and, The Home Office. 


The Living Room 

In many ways, the living room is the center of your home, and it deserves all the attention when it comes to investing in your space. 


1. New couch: 

One of the pieces that withstand the most wear and tear in your living room is, without a doubt, your couch. Investing in a new couch that is the perfect fit for you or your family’s needs is one of the most basic ways to begin the refresh process in your home.



2. New rugs 

Our style can change constantly, and maybe the pieces that we loved five years ago don’t appeal to us like they used to. A simple and inexpensive way to transform any space is by trading out your old rugs for fresh ones. And if there were no rugs there to begin with, consider throwing one or two around the room for a fresh new look. 



3. An Accent Chair 

A new couch deserves an accent chair to go along with it. Whether a charming chair or a comfy recliner, an accent chair is a perfect piece to tie a new set together. It also allows you to get creative with your color palette as well. A beautiful beige couch with an emerald green accent chair; we love it! 



4. New accessories 

Accessories are key! So maybe a new couch is not on your list, that’s fine! If you still want to add a unique flair to your space, we strongly recommend throw pillows. Want to add a little fun touch to your area? We have the perfect poufs for you. If your walls are starting to look a little blank or just plain dull, that’s nothing a little wall art can fix. And last but not least, a little bit of green indoors is always a go-to when it comes to accessories. A lovely faux plant can go a long way! 




The Bedroom

If the living room is the center of your home, your bedroom is the center of relaxation and complete comfort, and it should be treated as such. 


1. New bedding

Back to basics, no need to splurge on a complete bedroom re-design. Investing in some good-quality bedding will instantly elevate your room. Again, no need to paint the walls for a color palette refresh. Anytime you want to mix things up with colors, start with the bedsheets and work from there. Simple and way more cost-effective. 



2. New headboard

If bed sheets refresh the color palette, a new headboard can change the whole style—no need to trade out your bed completely. Investing in a good headboard will change the look and feel of your room entirely without having to throw out your current bed. A few years ago, you were feeling boho, but this year you’re feeling glam. Change up your style with just one piece. 



3. New accessories

The power of accessories applies to the bedroom too! If your room is feeling a little small, adding a wall mirror or a standing mirror can help open up the space. If you want to take your bed upgrading to the next level, we recommend adding some matching throw pillows to go along. Looking for a touch of fun and comfort around your space, a pouf here and there can make it happen. 


The Office

The office has turned into an essential spot for most of us this past year. If your workspace needs some much-needed refresh from all the wear and tear it’s been facing lately, consider investing in the following pieces of furniture. 


1. New Office Chair 

A good office chair can make a world of difference, and now more than ever, we fully understand just how important they are. Investing in a good office chair should be key this season. Whether you’re feeling some glam, boho, modern, or even mid-century vibes, here at GDFStudio, we have a wide variety of office chairs that will motivate you to get the job done in comfort and style.  



2. New accessories 

If you couldn’t guess, your office space can benefit from some good old accessorizing as well. Spruce up your blank walls with some art pieces and add a touch of personality to your area. Your office should be a place of good energy and motivation, so it’s important to add accessories here and there to keep that positivity going. With so much time spent indoors, we miss out on the beauty of greenery. By adding some faux plants around your space, you can elevate your room to the next level. 



3. Shelving

Good shelving space is an essential part of any perfect office space. Big or small, tall or wide, we offer various shelving pieces that will complement and enhance your space. What use is there to have a good collection of books if they’re all bound to be scattered around the room. Shelving is not just exclusively for books; adding some personal touches on your shelves is a great way of making your area feel more you and less all about work. 




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