New Season, New Look: 7 Tips for a Spring Refresh

New Season, New Look: 7 Tips for a Spring Refresh

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, it's time to open up your windows and sweep away the dust and cobwebs to give your home a new look and feel. But refreshing your home doesn't mean that you need to overhaul your entire decor. From reorganizing your furniture to adding a dash of much-needed color, there are plenty of ways to make your interior space feel renewed for the spring season. Here are 7 tips to help you embrace springtime aesthetics.


Cleaning and Decluttering

Ivory velvet storage ottoman bench at the end of a bed

Now is the perfect time to get down and dirty (literally) with cleaning and organizing your home! After being cooped up inside all winter, your home could use a good scrub to get rid of all that unwanted clutter that's been building up. For the optimal spring aesthetic, your interior space should have bright, open, and airy areas. A clean home also promotes fewer allergies, boosts physical health, and can even relieve anxiety. Tuck away any unnecessary items into our Molle Velvet Storage Ottoman Bench and leave more room for the good stuff.


Brighten Up Your Space

 Beige fabric loveseat in front of two windows

Lighting is everything when it comes to mood—for both you and your home. As the seasons transition from winter to spring, it's time to take advantage of its benefits! Natural sunlight can give your home a warm, uplifting ambiance and do wonders for your health. Increased vitamin D for stronger bones, better sleep, and blood pressure are just a few things that can result from a little more sun. It can even increase your serotonin, which helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), anxiety, and depression.

If you don't have indoor access to a lot of sunlight, don't worry. That doesn't mean you can't still get the look. White and neutral hues reflect light, creating a bright atmosphere that can imitate that clean, open aesthetic. Our Eliphaz Fabric 3 Seater Sofa is a perfect example of a modern centerpiece that will rejuvenate your interior space! Take it a step further, switch out simple light fixtures, and add more lamps to your decor to maximize the amount of light in your home.


Greenery and Fresh Flowers

Artificial Enkianthus Tree in the corner of a room, in between a window and a console table
We know. Introducing plants to your decor is not news. But there's a reason why a fresh look and scent are all you need to spruce up your home! And there's no better moment than the season of budding bulbs and burgeoning blossoms. Arrange a bouquet of sweet-smelling tulips or place a few long stems of vibrant forsythia in our Clarkdale Handmade Aluminum Leaf Vase for a pop natural color. If flowers aren't your thing, then try a little bit of green – succulents and snake plants are great and beneficial choices. For those who can't keep a plant alive, skip the struggle and accessorize your space with the Monadnock Artificial Enkianthus Tree or McClure Artificial Tabletop Snake Plant.


Bringing the Outdoors In

Oceanna Outdoor Acacia Wood Expandable Daybed

2023 is all about blending outdoor and indoor elements for a fresher, more natural aesthetic while offering a whole lot of comfort. Renewal starts with rest and recovery. So, elevate your home with plush cushions and a relaxing atmosphere by incorporating the Oceanna Outdoor Acacia Wood Expandable Daybed into a cozy nook. Kick it up a notch and accessorize! Those plants we mentioned earlier? House them in our set of Rochelle Outdoor Cast Stone Planters for a chic look.


Switch Out Your Fabrics

A boho blanket draped over a gray sofa
As winter settles into hibernation, so should your heavy accessories. Tuck away thick fur blankets and hefty knitted throw pillows and break out the thinner, breathable linens. Toss the Quillen Cotton Throw Blanket over the arm of your sofa and swap out bulky drapes with delicate, sheer curtains. Cotton fabric and floral prints are your best friends when it comes to a light, airy spring aesthetic. You'll get maximum results with minimal effort!


Throw Pillow Galore

Two floral throw pillows on a beige sofa

Spring refresh also means that it's time for a palette upgrade. While you want your base tone to be a light, neutral shade, you can enliven your decor with pops of color. This is where our vast collection of throw pillows comes into play. These accessories can give your home the latest look without much work. Deck out your couch with our Kristal Boho Throw Pillows for a punch of springtime hues, or go for a more neutral look with the Velvin Floral Throw Pillows.


Decorative Accessories

Leaner mirror next to a wood console table with a green, leafy plant on top

And finally, welcome in spring with some fresh decorative accessories. Whether you choose to go for something a little bit modern or something more colorful, there's no wrong way to update your space! Emphasizing the airy and bright aesthetic of spring, play up the beauty of natural light in your home with our Hughey Full Length Leaner Mirror. Take a trip to your local art store and find the perfect wall art that speaks to your style and the new season or freshen up your tabletop decor with the Kevin Handmade Decorative Leaf Plate.

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