Making the Ultimate Home for the Holidays

Making the Ultimate Home for the Holidays

The end of the year is all about sharing holiday cheer. So we’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how to liven up your home with the trendiest fashion this holiday season. From in-style color schemes to traditional, feel-good classics, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s start from the basics. Your choice of essential furniture is extremely important. The process of selecting and transporting a new sofa or dining set is not something you want to do multiple times a year. Build your foundation upon timeless aesthetics and then we can sweat the small stuff. Neutral hues and classic designs are things that will never go out of style. There’s a reason that they’re still around. Check out the Connor Oversized 3 Seater Sofa and Luoma Rustic Expandable Dining Table that fit these categories to the tee.

Now on to the fun part! Let’s take a look at how to style your home this holiday season.


Sometimes we need to step back from the rush of daily life and recenter ourselves around what’s really important: our loved ones. With the help of GDFStudio, we’ll make it easy for you to build a home that will remind you that there’s a lot to be grateful for.

The fall season welcomes in the colors of autumn foliage: reds, yellows, and oranges. But this year, add a little something extra with a simple yet essential splash of earthy greens. Here’s one way to incorporate this look into your home. Select one of our many beige sofas and club chairs and create a seating arrangement that’s worthy of everyone’s time. From here, go ahead and accessorize away! Soft, textured blankets, colorful throw pillows, and comfy poufs are just a few suggestions to really bring that Thanksgiving mood to life. Hint, hint - our Poona Knitted Cotton Pouf and Desdemona Fabric Throw Blanket are pretty good choices.

On to the main event! Thanksgiving dinner. It’s essential to have a centerpiece that is perfect for that hearty, coma-inducing feast that everyone loves. With our Luoma Rustic Expandable Dining Table, you’ll have plenty of tablespace to support the many entrées and side dishes you’ve cooked up or ordered in. Not to mention its gorgeous wood-like surface expands in case an extra guest shows up announced. The more the merrier! Weave in a table runner around your placemats, adorn the empty spaces with accessories of gold, copper, and bronze, and you’ve got yourself a dining area worthy of appreciation.


It doesn’t make sense to overhaul all your furniture a week after Thanksgiving so you can prepare for the next big holiday. Luckily, we’ve already covered the basics, right? Leave that boucle club chair where it is - we know it’s everyone’s favorite spot anyway – and place a cozy faux fur blanket over the armrest. That cedar green pouf you love to prop your feet on? No need to lose your favorite footstool. Just change up your color scheme a bit, add some seasonal flair, and you’re ready to go.

The winter holidays are all about soft, neutral colors and accents of brown, gray, and white, embracing an earthy, natural look for your home. Pair organic elements and layered tones with plenty of cozy textures to create a serene setting that practically invites your loved ones in for a hot cup of cocoa. Festoon your bookshelves, console tables, and the blank spaces on your walls with a wide selection of accessories. Sure, cinnamon-dusted pinecones and glowing candlelight might be the first things that come to mind, but why not try the Graycelynn Pre-Lit Twig Tree to light up an unused corner as well?

Just as you need to layer up when the temperatures drop and winter clothes come out, your furniture deserves the same treatment. Soft textures like wool, faux fur, and velvet are our classic go-to fabrics. And you can’t forget the hottest upholstery of the year: boucle. Our selection of boucle seating has been, and will be, super popular. What’s not to love about snug visuals and incredible comfort? The woven looped fabric results in an iconic nubby look that perfectly pairs with that throw blanket we mentioned earlier. Top off this look with some cozy pillows – take a look at this set of Miles Handmade Boho Pillows right here – and you’ve got yourself a cozy den for the winter.

And, of course, in order to fully celebrate Christmas, we have a vast selection of artificial trees and wreaths to pick from. You can choose from snow-flocked trees to the classic noble firs and adorn the branches with your choice of ornaments. If you’re looking for something outside the traditional red and green, the year of 2022 invites pink and gold color combinations, as well as cobalt and silver, as the go-to styles for your decorations. Delicately spun light gold embellishments, pearly sheens, and shimmers of silver accentuate the lush greens with an exquisite flair. Go the extra mile and try adding our Zuma Velvet Ottoman to match your color scheme! This is a perfect pop of color against the delicate neutral hues of your furniture.

Don’t forget to grab one of our garlands and deck your dining area with boughs of holly. Or if you want to avoid the prick of holly leaves, our 9-foot Mixed Spruce Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Garland is a great alternative. Wind this down the center of your table and strategically place some candles to complement the look. With matching placemats and a table runner, you can easily turn your space into a festive one.

New Years

Celebrate bringing in the new year with fresh ideas for your home and a little bit of fun. Turn yourself into the consummate host with the help of our wide selection of bar carts and bring the party to every room of your house. Paired with the Rosher Champagne Cooler, you’ll have a recipe for entertainment. You can even illuminate your walls with this Offerman Decorative Tealight Wall Sconce for an extra touch of bedazzlement.

New year resolutions are a bit like transitioning your home to fit the newest trends of 2023. It’s better to ease yourself into new habits than to make an entirely drastic change. Keeping that neutral base, you can keep a bit of familiarity around while expanding into the new year with shiny new accessories. Even though you may be working with the same old space, there are so many ways to refresh your look. Swap out outdated wall décor with a stunning wall mirror that will give the illusion of a more open room or switch up those stale dish accessories on top of your console table. The Ximen Sun Wall Mirror is a great place to start!


Don’t hold back and browse our indoor selection here to create a home that’s perfect for you.


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