How to Glam

How to Glam

Glam interiors exude elegant sophistication with a touch of modernity - a more current twist on classic, old Hollywood glamor. If you're looking to redecorate, you can never go wrong with a bit of glam. So how can you infuse this luxurious look into your home? Details that really scream glam include marble, shiny mirrored surfaces, plush tufted detailing, ornamental styles, and rich velvety finishes. Decorating your home in a glam style can be super easy and affordable - keep reading to find out how to effortlessly achieve this luxe look. 

Detroit Circular Wall Mirror

1. Ornate Accents

Ornate, shiny accents are a staple feature of glam style, and mirrors are a simple yet effective way to add some shine to your room. Pieces with mirrored or metallic finishes like the Detroit Circular Wall Mirror are a super effortless way to glam up any room. Mirrored pieces not only add some brightness to your decor, they also act as an illusion by making your space appear larger. 

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Adair Handcrafted Modern Glam Marble Bar Cart 

2. Gold Accents

Adding touches of gold is an undeniably effortless way to infuse a luxe feel into your decor. Swap out your wooden furniture for something with a gold frame to instantly elevate any area. Try something like the Adair Bar Cart, with intricate v-shaped detailing and marble surfaces for an ultra-glam look.

Provence Button Tufted Velvet Ottoman Bench

3. Button-Tufts

Button-tufted detailing adds a really elegant, plush texture to otherwise plain upholstery. It has a graceful and classic energy that is just perfect for glam interiors. Add a velvet button-tufted ottoman like the Provence Ottoman to your home to give it some gorgeous texture and instantly elevate your space. 

Ohnstad Modern Glam Velvet Shell Sofa

4. Velvet Finishes

Velvet finishes look super classy and plush, and really exude glam energy. Velvet brings a vintage, classic glam vibe to any space it is present in. When mixed with shiny metals and more modern accents, velvet can be the perfect centerpiece for a glam-style room. Try something like the Ohnstad Glam Sofa, with its stunning shell-like backrest and jewel toned colors really topping off the classic Hollywood glam look. 

Finethy Modern Glam Faux Marble Side Table

5. Marble Details

Marble details are super glam, with their neutral yet glossy and fabulous look that radiates luxury. Adding marble accents to any room can be a great alternative to more plain finishes like wood, really taking your decor to the next level. White marble is a style that is both modern and classic at the same time (the Ancient Greeks would be proud) making it perfect for the glam look. Try something like the Finethy Modern Glam Side Table next to a velvet couch for an ultra-glam pairing.


Sherard Glam Sequin Christmas Throw Pillow

6. Sequins

What says glam more than a bit (or a lot) of sparkle? Give your holiday decor a glam twist this season by throwing in some sparkly sequins. The Sherard Glam Sequin Throw Pillow is the perfect accent piece to glam-ify your Holiday Season and add some fun to your decor.


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