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How to Boho

The Bohemian, or ‘Boho,’ style that we know and love today began as an anti-mainstream subculture that aimed to break free from conventional ways of thinking. In interior design, Boho style is associated with free-spirited individuals who enjoy a casual and carefree space. There are tons of simple and effective ways to incorporate Boho style into your home, so keep reading to find out how to be surrounded by good vibes 24/7!  


Primo Wicker Hanging Basket Chair

1. Eclectic Accents

Eclectic accents are an absolute boho essential. The eclectic vibe can be achieved by mixing and matching different colors, textures, finishes, prints, and unique furniture pieces. To add an eclectic touch, try something like the Primo Wicker Hanging Basket Chair to craft the perfect zen sanctuary. 


Dover Handcrafted Boho Pillow

Dover Handcrafted Boho Pillow

2. Exotic Colors

Don’t be afraid to add bright and bold colors into the mix! Pops of color can really accentuate the free-spirited nature of boho style, and throw pillows are a super easy and affordable way to do this! Try something like the Dover Handcrafted Boho Pillow to subtly incorporate color into your decor. This pillow beautifully mixes tons of bright colors in a very natural, patchwork type of way.


Nina Large Square Casual Pouf

Nina Large Square Casual Pouf

3. Earthy Textures and Tones

Pay homage to mother nature by including earthy textures and neutral tones in your decor. Earthy textures like weaves and knits in colors like beige and tan can give that perfect natural, earthy feel to your decor. To add some effortless texture, throw the Nina Pouf into your room. This pouf has tons of texture that can instantly and effortlessly liven up your space.


Kimberly Boho Glam Handcrafted Hammered Side Table

Kimberly Boho Glam Handcrafted Hammered Side Table

4. Layering Textures

Don’t shy away from mixing different textures together - and know that texture doesn’t always have to mean fabric! You can definitely incorporate texture in unexpected ways, like adding the Kimberly Boho Glam Handcrafted Side Table to your decor. This piece is sure to stand out and is a super easy way to make a bold statement.


Carrera Handcrafted Wool & Fabric Bench

Carrera Handcrafted Boho Rectangular Wool & Fabric Bench

5. Handcrafted Accessories

Handmade accessories are a major pillar of boho style. Touches that don’t look so heavily manufactured can help you stay true to that super down-to-earth vibe. Add something handcrafted to your room like the Carrera Handcrafted Wool & Fabric Bench to keep you grounded. 


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