Cozy Decor Ideas To Help You Settle Into The Season

Cozy Decor Ideas To Help You Settle Into The Season

As we approach the holidays, creating a cozy space in your common area is essential. This is the time of year when we hunker down inside to binge watch shows on our streaming service of choice or read snuggled up in our favorite festive blanket. No need to dwell on your dwellings, effectively transition your living room to reflect the season and discover what makes your space feel like home. 


Clean Lines and Neutral Tones 

The first thing I look for when I’m creating my space is that my furniture staples are classic and transformable. The biggest piece is the sofa, it's where we spend the most time, whether it be as a family or when we’re relaxing by ourselves. Our sofa should match our style and sticking with a contemporary aesthetic will help make decorating effortless.

This mid century modern sofa is not only gorgeous in design, its classic shape is fitting for most styles. Having clean lines gives you the opportunity to enhance your living space with pillows and throws for that dash of autumn color. 

An inviting chair creates cozy, this piece should meet the requirements of comfortable and classic, while making a perfect companion piece for the couch. Staying in line with neutral tones for your primary pieces, such as this almond club chair and ottoman set, accentuate style and once again can be spiced up with a deep umber or forest green throw.                       

Small Accents Make Big Statements 

Now that we have addressed how crucial our couch is, we can delve into the key elements that really turn your space into a cozy haven for you to settle in with your  chai latte or hot tottie.

A throw blanket will not only keep you warm but signify that autumn is here. By playing with colors and patterns, the throw is one of the easiest elements for fall flair. My go to colors for the holiday season are forest greens and my favorite, burnt orange. The soft texture is perfect for lounging, while the burst of color creates that seasonal charm.

As fall approaches switching out your pillows to create that autumn feel is one of the more simple ways to add to your holiday decor for the season. Pillows are more than a necessity, they can represent your own unique style with patterns and textures. Faux fur and rich warm browns make this pillow perfect for an evening in.

A wreath is the definitive accent piece to welcome in the holiday season and it comes in many forms. A subtle way to make a festive statement is a eucalyptus wreath, it keeps a clean look while still giving off a woodsy autumn feel. Decorating doesn’t have to clutter your space, it should complement it. This piece can frame not just a mantle but a doorway, window or even above your sofa.

Your home should represent your unique taste and provide you with a comfortable space to wind down. Let your dwelling be an inspiration, with modern furniture staples that allow your decorating juices to flow with color or perhaps a chunky plaid print!


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