5 Easy and Elegant Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

5 Easy and Elegant Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: family festivities, holiday parties, presents, home-cooked meals, and last, but certainly not least, decorating


Soon enough, you'll be decking the halls with wreaths, stockings, and the hallmark of the Christmas spirit, a Christmas Tree. To spark your Holiday Inspiration, we've compiled a list of 5 ways to help you capture the holiday spirit without spending a great deal of time and money.


Choose a Color Scheme


As the time to decorate for the holidays approaches, choose a style and color scheme that best fits your home. Whether that means all whites, reds, or just silver and gold, sticking with one or two colors will set your decorating tone while also complimenting your theme. Using these colors to decorate from room to room will create a cohesive flow throughout your home and tie your holiday decor together with ease.


Find the Perfect Tree


One of the essential pieces of decorating your home for the holidays is finding the perfect Christmas tree for your home. Whether you want a natural or an artificial Christmas Tree, the first thing to consider is which type of tree fits your home and decorating theme best. Whether it's a classic 'tall and upright' fir/spruce tree or the 'wider and fuller' pine tree, consider which tree will fit your decorating theme and space best. The second thing to consider is the color of the lights. Depending on which color scheme you've decided works for your home best, you can choose from clear LED Lights or multi-colored red and green lights to match the rest of your theme. The last thing to consider is if you want frosted branches, snowy branches, or pine cones on the tree. Whether you want frosted or snowy branches, clear or multi-colored lights, or pine cones on your tree, GDFStudio's wide offering of Christmas trees makes your holiday tree shopping experience easy and simple. With over 40 customizable Christmas Trees to choose from, you're sure to find this year's winning focal point for the holidays.


Decorate the Walls


Adding a wreath to your home is another excellent and easy way to tie all of your decorations together. A good rule of thumb is to choose a wreath that matches your type of Christmas tree and choice of lighting color. Having a piece of holiday decor hung on your front door, in your hallways, or hung in your kitchen is an easy and simple way to enhance your homes' holiday spirit and compliment your Christmas tree. If you've chosen red as your color scheme, you can consider finding a wreath with a red ribbon or red berries to match the rest of your decor. You can also consider adding gold, red, or silver ornaments to tie in whatever color scheme you've chosen to your wreath.


Spruce up Your Living Area


One simple way to enhance your home's holiday spirit is to add a throw pillow that fits into your decorating theme. After choosing a color scheme, adding matching pillows to your sofa or living room chairs is an easy and elegant way to tie your holiday decorating theme together from room to room. If you don't want to worry about storing additional holiday pillows all year round, GDFStudio also offers various holiday pillow covers. This way, you can easily add a festive touch to your current pillows for the holidays without losing storage space for the rest of the year.


Spruce up the Table


An easy and elegant way to tie in your home decoration into the kitchen or dining area is to add some simple decorations to your dining table. Whether that be a table runner (that matches your color scheme), a simple centerpiece, or a garland to parallel your Christmas tree and wreath, adding a little flair to your dining table can go a long way and make your family dinners all the more festive. 


Choosing a color scheme that fits your home best and adding simple yet elegant touches to your walls, living room, and table can make your family home all the more festive this holiday season. If you're looking to spruce up your space this Christmas, check out the Christmas Decor Section at GDFStudio for unique, high quality, and affordable Christmas Decorations that will tie your home together with ease and give your home the holiday spirit it deserves!

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